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New medical marijuana rules in Michigan allow home delivery

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 26 2018

Michigan's legislature approved permanent regualtions for the state's medical marijuana industry after operating under temporary rules for over a year. Most of the regulations remained similar to the temporary rules however one major addition included is the new ability for dispensaries to deliver up to 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis to a patients' home, and up to 10 patients per delivery. Another new rule worth noting is the new limit on the amount of cannabis a patient can purchase per month now capped at 10 ounces. Lawmakers in Michigan have been threatening dispensaries in the state operating without licenses for months and now it looks as though those dispensaries will not be shut down as long as they can garner the approval of their local municipality. 

The regulations, which the state put into effect immediately following the vote from the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, largely mirror emergency rules already in place. But the authorization of home delivery is new.

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