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Texas Lawmaker Files Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 12 2018

Texas is widely regarded as one of the most conservative states in the U.S. and yet this year the official Texas Republican Party announced a new platform plank endorsing the decriminalization of cannabis. The incoming 2019 legislative session now has more than 1 bill pre-filed that would advance cannabis policy reform including the decriminalization of less than one ounce of marijuana for adults with a find of up to $100 and no jail time. Even the governor spoke out about his openness to cannabis policy reform, though not as far-reaching as the decriminalization bill that was filed. Another bill introduced by would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for 2019 to let voters decide if they think the state's very tightly regulated medical marijuana program should be expanded. 

“The time has come for marijuana law reform,” Heather Fazio, director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, said. “Over the last several years, we’ve seen increasing support and this legislative session offers a unique opportunity for reform. Just as support for reform transcends partisan politics among Texas voters, we also see unprecedented bipartisan support at the Capitol.”

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