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Congressman: If Missouri legalizes medical marijuana, 'the tide changes nationally'

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 17 2018

Missouri has been a fairly conservative state for quite some time, which is why some are saying if Missouri can legalize medical marijuana it will be a game changer for the rest of the United States. Missourians will have 3 different medical marijuana ballot initiatives to vote on in the November 6th election and likely whichever receives the most votes will become law. Some have continued to criticize all 3 initiatives claiming that other states are having problems with their medical programs, however most communities seem fairly happy with what comes with legal cannabis, more patients treated with less addictive prescriptions, less abuse and overdoses of harmful drugs, less youth being arrested for victimless crimes, and plenty of tax revenue to help reinforce communities.

"If Missouri is willing to resoundingly support medical marijuana, I think the tide changes nationally, and I think we're in the home stretch," he said.

There are three medical marijuana measures on the ballot in Missouri, which makes it a little confusing, even for some experts.

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