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Medical marijuana use up 83% in state; PTSD most common condition treated

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 7 2018

Illinois medical marijuana program has seen substantial growth this year as Gov. Bruce Rauner added PTSD to the state's list of qualifying conditions. Since then PTSD has become the most commonly treated condition for medical marijuana patients while the overall number of patients in the program has grown 83% in 2018 with over 46,000 patients. Medical marijuana patients with PTSD make up more than 4,000 of the total number while the next largest condition is fibromyalgia with 3,400 patients and cancer with 2,500 patients. The program's growth is expected to continue as last month the governor signed a law allowing patients to substitute medical cannabis for their prescription opioid pain killers. Illinois' program has been helping patients of all ages but almost 75% of them are over 40 years old. 

Bond takes the increased use of marijuana for PTSD as a sign that word is spreading that veterans have something to help them reduce or get off prescription painkillers and antidepressants, as he did.

“I have more good days in between my bad days,” Bond said. “More important, when I do have a bad day, it’s like a road bump, nothing like it used to be.”

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