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Many businesses see green in Michigan's upcoming vote on recreational marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Sep 12 2018

The potential for Michigan's medical and recreational cannabis market is not only grabbing the interest of local patients and consumers, but out of state businesses and even those out of the country are looking to Michigan to be one of the largest potential cannabis markets in the U.S. With the continuous growth of the cannabis industry it's no longer just about investing into a dispensary or cultivator, but to invest into the industry's potential itself and businesses that support it. Officials say Michigan is already the fourth largest in cannabis sales in the U.S. and it could grow even higher if recreational cannabis passes this November. Investors are extremely interested in the potential of Michigan and the growth could welcome many outside of the state.

“We knew going into this it would be a highly competitive industry and market. We also recognize that cannabis is a global industry,” says Neller. “You have operators in Canada, Germany, Israel, Australia…a number of countries that are looking not only in Michigan but everywhere in the United States.”

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