State proposes cutting fees for medical marijuana patients and growers

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 11 2019

Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana over 10 years ago and now that recreational mairjuana has also been legalized the state is making some changes to it's medical cannabis regulations to help ease costs on patients. Originally the cost of a state registered medical marijuana card was $100 for 1 year and the new proposal would make it $40 for two years as well as eliminating the $25 criminal background check fee and others. Coming on March 6th the 3% excise tax on dispensary medical cannabis will be eliminated, though the 6% state's tax will remain. When recreational marijuana sales begin they will be subject to both a 6% sales tax as well as a 10% excise tax. Officials are happy now that the program is making more money they are able to extend the savings onto the patients who made it possible in the first place.

“I’m excited to see the state right-sizing the medical-marijuana fee structure,” he said. “The state is collecting millions more than they expend every year. The fees should only be designed to recoup their costs.”

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