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The price of marijuana in Oklahoma

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 19 2019

Medical marijuana is relatively new in Oklahoma and even though business is booming the industry is having some problems. There are over 100 dispensaries currently operating in Oklahoma, yet the price of product is nearly double what the national average is. At around $2,200 per pound of cannabis, not everyone is able to afford it that should be. Since importing/exporting cannabis across state lines is a felony offense businesses cannot help eachother around the country. Oregon has a massive surplus of cannabis product selling for less than $500 per pound and badly wants to get rid of it, this could be a huge help to Oklahoma's cannabis industry however their hands are tied due to the federal regulations. 

"The national average right now on cannabis is around $1,200 a pound, and right now, in Oklahoma I would say that the average of what people are paying is closer to around $2,200 a pound. So, nearly double the national average is where we’re at right now," he said.

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