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Hollywood Doctor Fights To Keep License After Recommending Marijuana For Child

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 30 2019

A Hollywood, California doctor is now in a lawsuit defending his medical license after improperly diagnosing a child with ADD and bipolar disorder, to which he prescribed medical marijuana for. The child had been kicked out of his school and told he would be allowed to come back if he started taking medication. The father decided he did not want him taking conventional pharmaceuticals due to some of the harsh side effects. After learning of cannabis and it's potential to help, he found that the recommendation did work for his child and curbed the misbehaviors. Although the doctor is now fighting for his license in court, he stands by the recommendation to treat the child with medical cannabis. 

The doctor added the boy’s father didn’t want him on conventional pharmaceuticals, as he was concerned about the side effects.

“Eventually, the father heard that cannabis might work. He came to me to get the recommendation, then discovered that it worked,” Eidelman said.

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