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Kentucky lawmakers announce details on medical marijuana bill

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 22 2019

Legislators in Kentucky have announced their plans to file a medical marijuana bill this year that would help Kentucky patients who have debilitating illnesses and live in excruciating pain. The way the bill is written would allow around 60,000 Kentucky residents to access medical marijuana if their doctors deem it will help them. The state's medical marijuana program would be regulated and controlled by the Department of Public Protection's Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Some lawmakers in Kentucky have specified that the intention of this bill is to help patients who can benefit not to generate tax revenue for the state. It's unclear if the bill will have much support in the state but the public's growing support could help it be considered further.

"This bill is designed to help Kentuckians in pain when their doctors say medical marijuana will help them," Rep. Nemes said. "It is time to allow doctors to have this option for patients."

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