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SHEEHY: Nebraska should legalize medical marijuana use

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 31 2019

Nebraska lawmakers have begun to embrace the potential medical marijuana program they could soon have, however their governor has already announced his opposition the change. The bill LB110 would allow medical marijuana patients with prescriptions to purchase medical cannabis from state licensed dispensaries and also grow controlled amounts in private at home. The governor and those onboard with his opposition to legalization believe that allowing legitimate medical patients access to this medication for relief would mean having some trickle down into the hands of junkies... The hypocrisy is astounding when you realize that prescription opioids are regulated regularly, known to be highly addictive, and have fueled the opioid crisis we now have around the United States that has killed thousands, all while cannabis has never caused a lethal overdose. Legal cannabis programs are surrounding Nebraska more each year and by refusing to legalize medical marijuana all legislators are doing is stopping law abiding citizens and legitimate patients from having access to a medication that could provide unique relief.

Cannabis has been shown to be far less dangerous than other currently legalized drugs. For example, marijuana can intoxicate a person, but unlike other drugs, it cannot kill you. On the other hand, thousands of people die every year from excessive alcohol use and opioid overdoses. Healthy marijuana users are no more likely to die than those who do not use the drug. In fact, in the case of medical marijuana, users are actually able to lead better, more productive lives, as they have something to help counteract their illness.

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