Help Save Benton Mackenzie

Help Save Benton Mackenzie

Published on 6/16/14

Benton Mackenzie

Marijuana activists from all over the country are rallying behind Benton Mackenzie, a man dying of angiosarcoma cancer. Mackenzie was arrested after police seized 71 marijuana plants in a raid of his home- mind you a raid who's grounds were built on lies and illegal targeting by local county sheriffs.


Mackenzie was growing the plants in order to make CBD rich cannabis oil which he used to treat the lesions and tumors caused by the cancer in his blood vessels. Now, just days before his trial on drug conspiracy charges, a Scott County District judge has ruled he will not allow Benton to use a medical necessity defense.


“I’m not allowed to mention anything,” Mackenzie said Thursday, the day Judge Henry Latham’s ruling was filed. “I’m not allowed to give proof why I was using. Now, there is no fair trial.”


Recently, the state of Iowa made CBD oil legal for children with serious epileptic conditions- a law so narrow that it forces patients to leave the state to obtain the medicine and then commit a crime by driving across state boundaries that don't have similar measures in place.


This ruling has made activists from all over the world to join in Benton's fight. A petition has already been started on please sign it. You can learn more about Benton's fight by visiting


Benton is also accepting donations on to help pay for his cancer treatment and costly legal defense. We encourage you to take up the fight and become an activist for Benton. Help us spread the word about his case and build media attention, sign the petition, and donate to his cause.  

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