5 Frustrating Misconceptions About Cannabis

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Published on 5/22/14

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5 Frustrating Misconceptions About Cannabis

As the cannabis movement continues to pick up steam, this question is more timely than ever. Yes, there is a lot of amazing progress being made and people are becoming more educated on the positive qualities of cannabis. However, frustrations persist and some of our followers shared the most aggravating misconceptions they hear on a regular basis. Below are the highlights: 

1. "It's a Gateway Drug"

Credit to Twitter users madniggels, SLM420LOVE, pcava, KlausDaGardener, and QwikWittz for chiming in with this popular misconception. We've all heard this one from as early on as our elementary school D.A.R.E. days, and it's a popular argument your parents have used to illustrate the slippery slope that starts with cannabis and ends with injecting heroin between your toes. Yes, there is a correlation between cannabis consumption and other drug use, but as TIME points out, correlation does not equal causation. While hard drug users may also be cannabis users, the vast majority of cannabis users aren't going to graduate to stronger drugs.