Michigan legislature has opportunity to make medical marijuana safe for patients

Where's Weed

Published on 4/28/15

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In 2008 marjority of Michigan voters supported the legalization of medical marijuana to be prescribed by a doctor. Since then, medical marijuana has been legal in Michigan but regulations and proper dispensaries have been lacking. If the necessary legislation passes, marijuana will become a strictly doctor/patient private issue, safeguards will be set to ensure quality from planting to sale, and individuals in the businesses will be background checked and held accountable for any mishaps.

These concepts provide a responsible blueprint for how Michigan can build a medical marijuana industry safely and responsibly. In addition to providing patients' relief, a responsible medical marijuana framework can also promote business development, encourage local job growth and generate tens of millions in tax revenues for our state that can support many services, from roads to schools. A clear set of rules can drive real competition and innovation, and help all businesses in the sector compete.