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Boston City Council hears criticism of synthetic marijuana

News Posted Aug 10 2015

Support for marijuana legalization has never been higher, but with so many laws still working against cannabis and many people concerned about marijuana showing on drug tests, there are still some searching for a legal alternative. For teens and adults alike, spice, or K2, is being sold and advertised as a legal synthetic marijuana, when in reality it is just plant matter sprayed with toxic chemicals sold as potpourri. In fact, the harmful substance which causes hallucinations, psychotic episodes, and sometimes death is sold with the "not for human consumption" label making it legal, though it is widely recognized as a smokable drug. Boston city councel is working to fine merchants for selling the dangerous substance, but maybe the country would benefit from a fully regulated completely safe and ntural, REAL marijuana.

“We see a lot of people every day who are under the influence of K2,” said Police Captain Kenneth Fong, commander of police District A1, which covers downtown and Charlestown. “We’ve seen some extreme cases of violence. [And] everything from blocking traffic to hallucinations, slurring, twitching [and] expressing nudity. We totally agree this is a product that should be banned in the city.


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