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Colorado wants to put a stop sign on marijuana candy

News Posted Aug 11 2015

The marijuana program in Colorado is doing very well, with the problems being corrected in a timely manner. Some have had isses with marijuana edibles and the amount of THC content, while others are concerned about the similar looks between marijuana candy and regular candy. State officials are debating adding a mandatory symbol on all marijuana edibles, as well as limiting a single candy bar's max THC content to 100mg. The symbol resembles a stop sign with the letters "THC" on it. Legislators would also like to prohibit any marijuana candy from mimicking any already popular company,

State officials are mulling over a symbol to put on the packaging to let consumers know that it contains marijuana. Moore said the Revenue Department has proposed a "universal symbol in an octagon shape with the letters THC" in order to "help prevent the unintentional ingestion of marijuana edibles."

Moore said the proposed rules would also "prohibit the production and sale of edible products that resemble trademarked or otherwise commonly familiar commercial food products." In other words, there wouldn't be any more deliberate misspellings of real candy brands like Hershey's and Mars.

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