Doctor starts medical marijuana practice in Brockton

Doctor starts medical marijuana practice in Brockton

Published on 8/2/15

Massachusetts voters passed a medical marijuana bill in 2012, but new regulations make signing up for your medical marijuana card much more thorough. On June 1st, a new medical practice opened in Brockton, MA with a doctor focusing on chronic pain and rehabilitation. He is also one of the dozens of doctors in the state registered to certify patients for medical marijuana use. Doctor Walker said he does not use marijuana in any form, though he knows some friends and family do. Since his new practice, he has only worked with about 50 patients with conditions ranging from cancer and Crohn’s disease to anxiety and insomnia. 

"I understand the need. I understand the treatment.”

“We’re trying to see as many patients as possible who want to use medical marijuana for their medical conditions,” Walker said. “It’s very natural, it’s very safe.”

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