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Federal Politician Calls On DOJ To Reclassify Marijuana Under The Controlled Substances Act

News Posted Aug 4 2015

After hearing about the DEA's new chief acknowledging that marijuana is clearly safer than heroin, a representative from Oregon, Earl Blumenauer, called for the Department of Justice to reclassify or de-schedule marijuana from schedule 1. The US has been stuck in in a contradicting rut for years, ever since california passed the first medical marijuana initiative in 1996. Schedule 1 is defined as highly addictive, and no accepted medical value. Research has been telling us for years that marijuana is not as addictive as many other drugs, and now over half of the United States has access to medical marijuana of some kind, but we still deny marijuana a proper scheduling.

“In light of the statement by the head of the DEA, a senior Justice Department official, and recognition of marijuana’s medical value, I urge you to initiate the process under your authority to reschedule or de-schedule marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act to reflect science and the government’s position on this issue.”

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