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Gorlitzer Park connects marijuana buyers and sellers

News Posted Aug 17 2015

Berlin, Germany has been facing illegal marijuana sales in one of their major parks for years now, but they seem to be doing little to combat it. Marijuana is illegal in Germany, and it doesn't look like that's going to change soon, however their lax method of enforcing the laws is allowing the illegal sales to continue. Many of these dealers are undocumented workers who have come from Africa looking for work, but with the lack of citizenship they find themselves only able to work under the table or in illegal sales. Almost 1,200 arrests were made in the park for narcotics this year alone, but more often than not the police only confiscate the drugs and money, then tell them to leave. The drug policy, though much more appropriate and less aggressive than in the US, just shows the lack of initiative to fight the war on drugs because legislators are aware this is a petty victimless crime. Legalization will eventually be a much better suited method for the country to keep policing low and citizens high.

Foday, Marwin and Ayoub all said that police seldom take the dealers into custody. "If they catch us in possession, they confiscate our money and whatever supplies we have on us," Foday said. "Then they tell us to disappear."

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