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Weed report: Teen marijuana use not linked to depression, cancer or psychosis in later life

News Posted Aug 23 2015

Despite what you might have heard, new research suggests that the developing teen brain mixed with marijuana does not lead to problems later in life. Contrary to cigarettes and alcohol stunting your growth and development, marijuana use is not linked to any changes in mental and physical health over the course of your life regardless of frequency of use. For years many have claimed that marijuana smoke causes a plethora of health issues like cigarettes was found to cause, but the more research that is conducted, the more marijuana proves itself to be a stricly healthy drug.

"What we found was a little surprising," said lead researcher Jordan Bechtold, a psychology research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. "There were no differences in any of the mental or physical health outcomes that we measured regardless of the amount or frequency of marijuana used during adolescence."

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