Colo. Says it's 'Good to Know' About Marijuana

Colo. Says it's 'Good to Know' About Marijuana

Published on Jan 5, 2015

Colorado is changing its marijuana educational campaign from last years "Don't Be A Lab Rat" to a more open "Good To Know" campaign. This campaign will focus on the education of current marijuana laws as well as the safety and proper use, targeted at teens, tourists, Latinos and even breastfeeding women. The campaign is also outlining the differences in smoking and eating marijuana edibles, as the effects are vastly different and many new pot users are having trouble with the effects.

The state last year launched a controversial "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign aimed at preventing kids from using marijuana. The campaign featured human-size cages designed to look like laboratory cages for rats, along with educational materials warning about the potential for stunted brain growth. Wolk said that campaign got people talking, but was perceived by some as negative because the cages resembled jail cells. He said the new campaign is "bright and neighborly."

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