Medical marijuana legislation reintroduced in Pa. Senate

Medical marijuana legislation reintroduced in Pa. Senate

Published on 1/27/15

Senate Bill 3 is a new piece of legislature introduced in Pennsylvania, but it is certainly not a new idea. It is very similar to SB 1182 which allowed medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania. The Senate passed SB 1182 in September with a 43 - 7 vote, but was ignored by the house. It's clear that voters and legislatures of PA are onboard with medical pot, but must continue to introduce new and slightly altered bills until the house will even hold a vote. 

At a press conference Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny County, called on the House to allow a vote on the issue after it passes the Senate.

"We know the support is there, but we just need to get it to the floor," he said.

The state needs a comprehensive bill that doesn't needlessly limit what doctors can prescribe. He would like to see a doctors, not lawmakers, decide which conditions would qualify for the program.

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