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'It's legal, but ...' Most municipal employees can use marijuana as long as it doesn't affect work

News Posted Jul 8 2015

For years, marijuana advocates have pushed for the drug to be regulated and treated fairly, similar to alcohol; since some states have legalized we are still faced with the issue of businesses firing employees over cannabis positive drug tests. Though the state chose to legalize, federal law supercedes in a business setting if they so choose. Much to everyone's surprise, after legalizing, Oregon state government employees recently received memos about the drug now being treated as any other controlled substance. Employees were told to keep it away from the workplace and just like any other drug they can use it outside of work without consequence. The exception to that rule includes those who must drive or hold a "safety-sensitive" position as part of their job.

"The rules that apply to the work place have not changed," wrote Dana Bennett, human resources director with the city. "As you already know, it is against policy to be at work under the influence of any controlled substance, whether alcohol, prescription medication or marijuana."

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