Medical marijuana cleared to treat PTSD in Washington

Medical marijuana cleared to treat PTSD in Washington

Published on 7/22/15

Twenty22Many is a group of advocates for allowing medical marijuana to veterans in the fight against PTSD and suicide. A recent estimate from the Department of Veteran Affairs said 22 veterans commit suicide everyday. Washington state just added PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana joining 10 other states. Twenty22Many wants to inform all veterans that this medicine can help their condition other than addictive and side-effect filled pills.

Washington law now allows any adult 21 or older to buy marijuana in state-licensed stores. But a medical authorization for PTSD is the right approach, said Cammarata, who hopes the VA will one day use marijuana as part of a treatment plan.

“Cannabis by itself can be abused, just like anything,” he said. “It needs to be recognized as the medicine it is.”

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