Recreational marijuana store opens in Pasco, despite city ban

Recreational marijuana store opens in Pasco, despite city ban

Published on 7/25/15

Since the legalization of marijuana in Washington state, certain cities have chosen to not allow marijuana businesses within their limits. After applying for a business license multiple times and being turned down, one man named David Morgan in the city of Pasco has decided to open his own recreational marijuana shop in hopes of helping the city with incoming tax revenue. City officials have announced they plan to take action the same way they would for any business operating without a necessary license, but Mr. Morgan is hoping with his business being preestablished the city will adjust zoning laws and grant the store a proper license.

“We’re hoping that they’ll change their zoning and grant us a license so we can help the city get their share of tax revenue,” Morgan said

Some customers signed a petition asking the city to lift its ban on marijuana businesses. All were required to have their identification scanned as they entered to prove they are at least 21 and show it again if they bought anything



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