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Senators Feinstein and Grassley: Break Down Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research

News Posted Jul 16 2015

There seems to be an epidemic of kids being robbed of their childhoods by a very difficult to manage condition that takes over their lives -- Epilepsy. The seizures that come with this condition are often violent, terrifying, and can happen hundreds of times per week, but the drugs to fight this disease seem to help little to none. CBD oil, an extract of marijuana, is the only thing that is showing improvement in most patients, dropping their seizures to only a few per month, and sometimes eliminating them alltogether. Not only is CBD oil expensive and only available in medical marijuana states, but it is still not approved by the FDA which can lead to miles of red tape in trying to research and develop. Luckily there are people who can make a difference backing this drug, Senators Feinstein and Grassley, who have gotten the Justice Department to take a second look at CBD and closely examine the scientific and medical benefits and if necessary, reschedule the drug.

Simply put, we need to know more about CBD, and the only way to gain that knowledge is to remove barriers to research. Research will shed light on critical safety issues as well as how effective CBD oil is and the proper formulations and dosages for patients.

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