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Ballot campaign launches to allow public 'marijuana bars' in Denver

News Posted Jun 30 2015

Amsterdam is world famous for it's legal marijuana laws and the ability to purchase and smoke the drug in public "coffee shops". Over here in the US, Colorado was the first state to have a regulated recreational marijuana system, but it's been made illegal for any public consumption with the exception of private clubs. The same group who advocated for Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana in the state is on a new mission to legalize smoking in commercial establishments, or in other words, marijuana bars. Denver is a huge tourist area now with legal marijuana, but its difficult for people to find places to smoke. Marijuana bars would solve that problem in one simple swing!

“Marijuana is a legal product for adults in Denver that is much safer than alcohol,” Mr. Tvert said in a statement. “Adults should have the right to consume it socially with other adults in commercial establishments that choose to allow it. We also need to ensure that adults who visit Denver and purchase marijuana legally have a place where they can consume it legally.”

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