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Oregon news: Washington pot not priority for Portland police

News Posted Jun 17 2015

Some states have taken the steps to legalize marijuana in some forms, but have yet to give citizens safe and legal access to purchase the drug. In those cases, residents seeking marijuana are left with two options: purchase pot on the black market, or purchase marijuana legally in a separate state and smuggle it back into the home state. For residents of Oregon and Washington, there will be no worry of getting caught smuggling across the shared border. Portland Police have come out saying they will not pursue those transporting marijuana between two legal states.

“We are not doing interdiction on people who are going there to buy their weed and bringing it back,” Sgt. Pete Simpson told The Oregonian’s excellent pot writer Noelle Crombie. “Our drugs and vice division has not and does not focus on low level drug transfers of any kind. They are working large scale operations, which is not what we are talking about.”

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