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'Pot' church wins tax-exempt status

News Posted May 31 2015

Following the passing of a controversial "Religious Freedom" bill was the intent to establish an official Church of Cannabis. Indiana resident Bill Levin wanted to push the limit with the state's new bill that was critiqued for legalizing descrimination, by starting a church which celebrates the spiritual side of marijuana, including lighting up during services. Levin was notified earlier this week that the church was approved and is now an official tax-exempt religious organization. With the proper paperwork filed, Levin hopes the church will go undisturbed by authorities as marijuana is still very illegal in Indiana. The first service is expected to be on July 1st and church-goers have every intention of lighting up, though an official church venue is still in question.

“I don’t think they’re going to come into the church and arrest us,” Levin said. “They don’t go into a church now and stop people under 21 from drinking sacramental wine that’s part of a service.”

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