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16,000 People and Counting Want DEA Chief Fired for Calling Medical Marijuana a 'Joke'

News Posted Nov 9 2015

Last week, the new head of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) stated that although he's open to discussion about legalizing a drug, calling marijuana medicine is a "joke". The statement gained immediate attention from many different pro-marijuana organizations as many families lives have been changed forever because of medical marijuana. A petition has been written on to have the current DEA head replaced with someone who is willing to follow modern science and understand what Americans who need medical marijuana are going through. The petition alread has over 16,000 signatures.

"I think someone who has that amount of power over arrests having to do with a substance should be well-versed on the substance and be able to speak factually about it," Collins said. "It worries me that he is so ignorant as to say that it's a joke. My daughter's medicine is not a joke to me."

"They're not listening to the people. The majority of American people want access to this medicine and lawmakers aren't doing what we want and that's really, really frustrating," she said

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