Flandreau Sioux put marijuana resort on hold

Flandreau Sioux put marijuana resort on hold

Published on 11/11/15

The Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe were the first eager Native American tribe to legalize marijuana in South Dakota, but this week have decided to pull the plug on their own operation. After having many more upset South Dakotans than expected, the tribe wants to wait until federal law agrees with their program and can regulate it. The tribe has since destroyed the large amount of crops they have been preparing. With large facilities and plans, the tribe will be eager to continue their cannabis operation as soon as they have the government's backing.

Seth Pearman said the suspension is pivotal to the continued success of the marijuana venture and that tribal leadership is confident that after getting clarification from the U.S. Department of Justice, "it will be better suited to succeed."

"The tribe will continue to consult with the federal and state government and hopes to be granted parity with states that have legalized marijuana," Pearman said in the news release.

Pearman said despite suspending the current plan, the tribe intends to be a participant in the marijuana industry

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