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Pittsburgh City Council to consider marijuana decriminalization bill

News Posted Nov 13 2015

In places where marijuana is still illegal, personal possession will most likely land you a misdemeanor, which can cost non-violent citizens jobs, homes, and label them as criminals. Many cities have taken it upon themselves to decriminalize the drug, saving countless tokers from humiliating and life-ruining consequences, and saving the police force time, money, and allow attention towards more serious crimes. Pittsburgh's city council is introducing a decriminalization bill this week that they hope will reap similar results as Philadelphia's. The bill would allow police to give a max of $100 fine and confiscate product when cought with pot, but reserves the right for officers to make an arrest if necessary.

“This bill helps to decrease the many lives destroyed by the unnecessarily harsh consequences that come with the most minor marijuana offenses,” he said. “The bill will help break the damning life-long consequences of unemployment, lack of education, and being caught in a revolving criminal justice system.”

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