Croatia legalises marijuana for medical use

Croatia legalises marijuana for medical use

Published on 10/13/15

After a 37-year-old multiple sclerosis patient was arrested for growing marijuana for personal use, the country of Croatia has developed their own medical marijuana program that will allow patients to register for 30 days at a time to purchase a max of 7.5 grams of marijuana. Marijuana and cannabinoid based drugs can now be prescribed for patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and AIDS. The country's black market can see marijuana sold anywhere from $350-700 for 10 grams, but pharmacies hope to have legal marijuana ready for sale in the next few weeks.

"For us, patients, cannabis is one of the most important plants for our lives and health," Luksetic told AFP, hailing the legalisation.

"Everyone should have the right to choice and self-cure."

Luksetic's case encouraged several patient and doctor associations to speak out about the use of such oil and other marijuana-derived products in helping to treat certain diseases.

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