NCAA pushes to end marijuana testing, suspensions in favor of treatment

News Posted Oct 17 2015

Florida Atlantic University has strict standards for the athletic program and it's participants. Each football player is given a business card from the coach that reads, "Make Good Decisions, NO DRUGS!!" and due to drug testing regulations, NCAA athletes are held to the drug-free standard, performance enhancing or not. The NCAA wants to remove drug testing from their policy, and place the burden on the hands of schools, who will be able to decide for themselves what drugs are to be tested for, if at all. Everyone's interest is to keep the players happy and healthy, but is it time to allow recreational drugs without limits?

“In December of 2014, the committee determined that a best-practice approach would be for the NCAA to no longer test for marijuana in its championships-testing program — which is when we do test as far as the NCAA testing goes — and that it would make more sense for institutions to focus in on the deterrents and intervention at the local level,” she said.

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