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Tech Entrepreneurs In The Marijuana Industry Deliver A Phone App To Tell You If You're High

News Posted Oct 16 2015

Marijuana can effect people very differently, as well as the type of marijuana can vary in strength to the user, which can make it hard to judge one's own impairment. With such different standards and products in each marijuana legal state, a new app, Canary, wants to give users the ability to give themselves a simple sobriety test right from their phone. One of the developers worked with NASA and professional athletes to asses performance growth, and the marijuana sobriety test followed similar proceedures for accurate results. The app is currenly only available in the iphone appstore for $2.99.

In the memory test, the user watches a series of numbers swirling one at a time on the screen and is asked to remember the numbers they saw and the order they saw them in.

To test attention, the user is shown a graphic symbol and then ask to tap on that symbol as it appears among other symbols randomly on the screen.

A balance tests mimics the sobriety test a police officer might administer. The user is asked to stand on one leg with arms crossed. A tone or vibration starts and ends the test, and the phone measures how steady they stayed.

The last test asks users to count out loud for what they think is twenty seconds, and compares that time to an accurate 20 second timer.

Canary displays a smiling canary or a frowning canary to indicate pass or fail.

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