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Activists To Pull Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative Ballot Question

News Posted Sep 1 2015

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for almost 2 years now, yet smoking is still illegal in bars, hotels, and even cigarette smoking sections. Advocates have been preparing a ballot initiative that would allow some publicly designated areas to be marked off for smoking, as well as certain hotels and even specific cannabis clubs. Supporters are giving state officials time to compromise and come up with better options, because no one wants smokers to be forced to use their cars, alley-ways, or other not-so-safe areas.

“This would not allow public use,’* Tvert said. “It would allow limited social marijuana consumption in some commercial establishments. We believe in the language we put forward and that adults, who consume cannabis, deserve the same freedoms to congregate as those who consume alcohol.”
The mayor, business owners and Denver City Council oppose the ballot measure in its current form and would rather work on a compromise to satisfy their concerns.

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