Colorado Just Became The First State In History To Collect More Taxes From Marijuana Than Alcohol

News Posted Sep 15 2015

In the last 15 years, the United States has seen a shift in the public opinion of marijuana. Now for the first time as a widely accepted drug, the country may be taking a step back from alcohol consumption, and instead choosing to indulge in the much safer drug, marijuana. The Colorado Department of Revenue's recent report shows that the state collected roughly $70 million in taxes from marijuana, and only $42 million in alcohol taxes for the fiscal year of 2014-2015. For the short time marijuana has been legal in the state, it goes to show that when presented with a safer option, adults will make the informed decision. 

“It’s crazy how much revenue our state used to flush down the drain by forcing marijuana sales into the underground market,” Tvert said. “It’s even crazier that so many states are still doing it. Tax revenue is just one of many good reasons to replace marijuana prohibition with a system of regulation.”

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