Life in prison for selling marijuana: Meet the people new pot laws forgot

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Published on 9/4/15

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Many states in the US have extremely harsh and outdated 3-strike laws involving the possession or sale of marijuana. At least 67 people are currently serving life in prison for the sale of marijuana, which is 67 too many for selling to willing customers, having no history of violence, and now seeing marijuana's newfound popularity and legalization all around the US. One man, Jeff Mizanskey, was recently released from prison after serving 22 years of his life sentence and having missed out on life with his family, huge technological advancements, and simple freedoms like privacy and a soft bed. 

In May, the governor’s office announced that Mizanskey would be eligible for parole, which is how the 62-year-old walked out of his cell last week. Unlike the wrongly accused, those who have been excessively sentenced get no payout from the state, and no apology either. Mizanskey is merely another parolee. He can’t drink or travel or see old friends from the marijuana trade.