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These 'marijuana goggles' are supposed to make you feel stoned

News Posted Sep 30 2015

The war on drugs has featured many different forms of misinformation like movies and posters, but now our public schools are introducing a skewed lesson to teach teens about the dangers of marijuana use. A company called Innocorp has designed a pair of green goggles that are supposed to simulate what it's like to be impaired by marijuana, but really all they do is make it difficult to see the color red. The disgrace goes further by letting teenagers wear the goggles, and perform tasks that require the ability to see red which has nothing to do with the effects of marijuana. Not only is this a waste of a chance to properly educate youth about drug use, but its an insane waste of money at $975 for a single pair of goggles and activites. 

But experts I talked to say it's unclear how tinted goggles can simulate complicated mental phenomena like short-term memory loss and concentration deficiencies. "So the goggles take away the ability to see red, and then the teens are asked to engage in activities that are highly dependent on the color red," said Joseph Palamar, an NYU professor who researches drug use among teens. "And this is supposed to translate into impairment from using marijuana? Misinformation about drug effects has been used as a scare tactic for decades, and this doesn’t seem to be that different."

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