California bill would allow landlords to ban marijuana for renters

California bill would allow landlords to ban marijuana for renters

Published on 4/27/16

Several states could legalize recreational marijuana later this year, including California who already has a lenient medical marijuana system. Lawmakers have proposed bills in preparation for the coming legalization, but some of these possible changes could effect a large amount of patients and tokers. Legislation from 2011 allows landlords to prohibit the smoking of tobacco products on rental properties, and if recreational marijuana is passed this year, all forms of marijuana smoke would be included. Landlords and lawmakers are concerned about the effect of secondhand smoke for other tenants, however all non-smokeable forms of marijuana like edibles and oils, would still be permitted. 

“Secondhand smoke, regardless of whether it’s smoke from tobacco or marijuana, is especially problematic in multiunit apartments and condos because the smoke easily travels the windows, doors and other ventilation systems,” Wood said. “It’s a nuisance that tenants should not have to live with.”

California law already prohibits smoking medical marijuana anywhere tobacco is banned, which includes most public places. But the bill sponsor, the California Apartment Association, said it is important to give landlords explicit authority to forbid pot smoke on their properties, since it can create tension among tenants

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