Iowa looks to Minnesota for medical marijuana

Iowa looks to Minnesota for medical marijuana

Published on 4/23/16

In 2014 Iowa legalized CDB oils for patients suffering from seizures, which would have been helpful if patients could buy the drug anywhere within their state, but they cannot. Again, another state has 'legalized' CBD to help patients with no other options without giving them access to the drug, State legislators were hoping to expand on the bill this session but it does not look like it will make any progress soon. In hopes to relieve patients, the idea was proposed to allow Iowans in need of CBD to travel to their neighbors in Minnesota and piggyback their medical marijuana program. While Minnesota's medical marijuana program could use the business at only 1,275 patients, the program is also not practical for Iowans to travel long distances and then be at the threat of the federal government for crossing state lines with a schedule 1 drug. Realistically, though it may take time to battle through the republican legislature, the state will be best off cultivating and distributing the drug within it's own borders, atleast until the federal threat diminishes.

A bill that would create a system for manufacturing, dispensing and possessing cannabis oil in Iowa — and expand the number of conditions that qualify — has stalled in the Republican-controlled Iowa House this session.

“Why don’t we just do it the right way and make it happen here?” he said. “It’s not a slippery slope.”

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