Kansas lawmakers to consider marijuana, medical hemp bills

Kansas lawmakers to consider marijuana, medical hemp bills

Published on 4/1/16

It's easy for lawmakers to ignore medical marijuana research, until families begin pleading for fair policy that would allow perfectly safe medication to treat thier child's epileptic seizures. Like many states around the US, lawmakers in Kansas have decided to listen to these desperate families and continue passing legislation allowing low THC and high CBD cannabis concentrates. Another measure to lower penalties for simple possession will continue to be debated when the legislature returns at the end of April. Current penalties for possession in Kansas can get you a year in jail on a first offense and up to 42 months for a second offense.

“For simple possession of marijuana, you can do more time or as much time as a person who commits a fairly serious offense,” Roth said.

The bill reduces penalties for first-time marijuana possession, which now can bring a year in jail, to no more than six months in jail. The penalty for a second offense would become the most serious misdemeanor, bringing a sentence of up to a year in jail, reduced from a low-level felony. Subsequent offences could result in 10 to 42 months in prison, the current punishment for a second possession offense.

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