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Marijuana Advocates Want to Establish a Standard Unit of Highness

News Posted Apr 23 2016

Alcohol, while having different rules and regulations depending on the state, is very uniform when it comes to measurement. The alcohol content in a beverage is an easy way to see exactly what you will be ingesting and how it will effect you compared to other drinks. Marijuana on the otherhand is not so simple. Though regulated markets have measurements of THC and CBD, the accuracy of such variables is not consistent across the different stores and states, and the same amount of THC can effect a user differently based on it being smoked, vaporized, or eaten. The standard serving that is growing more popular is instead 10 milligrams per dose, commonly found in edibles, would allow new users and experienced users alike to both make the best decision for them. Until marijuana is federally regulated, the variants in pot dosing will continue to fluctuate and users will be forced to get what they get.

Settling on a regulatory standard of how big a hit should be might be tough, but some in the rapidly growing marijuana industry say that they would welcome the change. While it might mean more scrutiny of their products, settling on a standard would make it easier for producers, patients and recreational users alike to know just what it is they are getting in each puff or bite, Ricardo Baca wrote for the Cannabist in 2015.

“In clearly marking what the dose is, hopefully that will lead to more responsible use and public education,” John Lord, who owns several Colorado pot shops, told Baca. “It keeps us safe, and it provides uniformity for the product itself.”

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