Watch: Canada’s first national marijuana advertisement

Watch: Canada’s first national marijuana advertisement

Published on Apr 16, 2016

Marijuana is no longer represented by cartoon pot leaves or cheech and chong as Canada unveils their first national marijuana commercial. The commercial comes from the group Cannabis Growers of Canada (CGC), who's video brings a light comforting feel to the countries' many industries and activites like skiing, surfing, biking, wildlife, and the 17,000 medical marijuana farms. The CGC hopes to educate Canadians and influence the developing industry where currently, only a small number of licensed growers are able to provide for patients, and no one is allowed to grow any plants at home. 

“We are the cannabis growers of Canada. We create wealth opportunity and good-paying private sector jobs. We are joining together to build a free and fair cannabis market that benefits all communities,” the video states.

“Recent regulatory changes are inadequate for supplying approved patients with the medicine they require and the CGC is joining their struggle to maintain access to safe and effective cannabis,” CGC states.

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