Marijuana gets the farm-to-fork foodie treatment in Sacramento

Marijuana gets the farm-to-fork foodie treatment in Sacramento

Published on 8/3/16

What kind of beer and wine do you like with your steak? How about your favorite strain of cannabis with a meal? Nug Run is a newer company with a fresh idea to send subscribers a monthly box of food paired with the perfect matching strain of marijuana. The company which began on the cannabis holiday, April 20th, is only able to appeal to California's medical marijuana patients at the moment. If Californians vote to legalize recreational marijuana this November, Nug Run will be able to significantly increase their subscription market. Nug Run is proud to get it's marijuana from small family-owned growers  who use all natural processes. 

Ocampo started to experiment with pairing different types of cannabis with different foods, inviting friends with medical marijuana cards to small tasting parties. From there, the idea for Nug Run – a monthly box pairing foods and cannabis – was born.

“Cannabis can be approached like any other food product, and it can be consumed in a new exciting way,” Ocampo said. “It’s a great way to introduce new people to cannabis, because they can use food to introduce them to the cannabis scene.”

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