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News Posted Dec 19 2016

Last week the media heavily reported on an announcement made by the DEA that the status of CBD had been changed making it more illegal, but fortunately that's just not true. The DEA did however formally announce the addition of "marihuana extracts" to the Federal Register, giving it a separate code (7350) from whole cannabis (7360). This allows regulation agencies like the DEA to keep better track of both cannabis buds and extracts as separate products, as well as follow specific research on CBD more closely. Medical Marijuana Inc. wants to reassure it's customers that the company's hemp oil industry will not be affected by the change in the Federal Register. The change only forces companies working with cannabis extracts to register the products under a new code. 

“Medical Marijuana, Inc. is pleased to announce that the DEA Federal Registry amendment to create a new code for ‘marijuana extracts,’ in no way affects the Company’s hemp oil, containing naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, or its operations.

“These codes just help the DEA with record-keeping,” Steenstra told Ganjapreneur. “But that’s not going to result in any kind of enforcement action.”

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