What's in weed? Sparks marijuana lab demonstrates testing process

What's in weed? Sparks marijuana lab demonstrates testing process

Published on 12/28/16

Nevada law demands that marijuana products undergo proper testing before being sold to consumers. 374 Labs is one of several laboratories in the state testing marijuana for yeast, mold, e coli, salmonella, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. The labs are also testing for the potency of 9 different cannabinoids including THC and CBD. Nevada's early adopted testing methods have set a precedent for states new to legalizing cannabis, including the incoming recreational legalization coming to Nevada. Testing the product gives consumers peace of mind knowing that they're getting the highest quality clean cannabis, something the blackmarket cannot give them.

Strull said Nevada's stringent testing requirements make it one of the safest states in which to buy marijuana products. "It's a lot safer than the products [people] can get on the black market because it has been tested for pesticides. It has been tested for microbial growth so that patients know that the product they're getting is safe."

He said 374 Labs can also test for organic compounds called terpenes, which can affect how a strain of marijuana affects the user. For example, some strains target migraines while other aim to help the consumer sleep. Strull said his lab works closely with production facilities to test for terpene content, which in turn can help producers selectively breed marijuana plants.

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