Medical marijuana bills move forward in the Utah State Legislature

Where's Weed

Published on 2/4/16

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Utah patients may be relieved to hear that 2 different medical marijuana bills are advancing in the Senate. Bill 89 is a very strict bill that would legalize "trace amounts of THC" likely meaning primarily CBD medication for epileptic seizures. The second bill, known as the "whole plant" bill will likely be less restrictive and allow for cannabis buds to be sold, however exact policy details will not be shared until next week. Debate over boths bills were met with testimonies of hopeful patients who have found relief from opioid addiction and pain meds.

"I know that this can help so many people and this can prevent addiction," said Dallas Sainsbury, who suffers from Crohn's Disease.

She described problems with opioids, and said marijuana has been more beneficial. Kenneth Thomason, a terminal cancer patient, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that marijuana helped ease his pain.