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Morris man sees future in marijuana-testing

News Posted Feb 19 2016

The cannabis industry is creating an entirely new job market from growing to manufacturing to selling, and now even testing. Testing marijuana sounds like a great time, but these professionals aren't consuming, they're running tests for impurities for the safety of the end users. David Cunic, a New Jersey man opening new testing labs has critisized his own state for the lack of testing on medical marijuana, compared to legal states like Colorado and Oregon. With over half of US states having marijuana laws, entrepreneurs like Cunic are ready to invest in the next gold rush, and wherever there is marijuana, it will need to be tested. 

"Other states such as Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, if your'e the grower, for every X-amount of pounds that you grow, you send a 3-to-5-gram sample to a testing lab such as ourselves," Cunic said. "We test it, make sure you pass all the state requirements and you are given almost like a nutritional label that you passed everything."

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