Retired Las Vegas police officer has new job with marijuana

Where's Weed

Published on 2/19/16

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After being diagnosed with a painful incurable disease of the bones and nervous system, a former Las Vegas police officer, like many others, is offered opiate pain killers. The retired officer, Dave Kallas, decided he didn't want to become victim to the addiction and side effects that comes with opioids and instead jumped at the chance for medical marijuana after being legalized in Nevada (2013). Kallas not only became a patient using medical marijuana, but as of last week he is now a owner of a legal dispensary in Clark County where he proudly serves patients who share his relief in using cannabis.

So when the Nevada Legislature made medical marijuana a reality in 2013, Kallas said he saw an opportunity, and reached out to his friend Rich Abajian to gauge his interest in opening a dispensary.

"I was fully engaged saying, 'Let's go find an alternative not just for me, but for whomever else may need it,'" Kallas said