Tampa sets date to vote on marijuana penalties

Tampa sets date to vote on marijuana penalties

Published on 2/17/16

Cities allover Florida are taking it upon themselves to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana while waiting on their state to pass legislation. Tampa is the newest city on the list to consider marijuana decriminalization after seeing how much damage simple possession of a flower can ruin young people's lives. A vote will be held on March 4th, and if passed will allow citizens to recieve a civil citation for having less than 20 grams, with fines starting at $75. If the vote goes well, Tampa could implement decriminalization within a few months.

A group of mothers in support of decriminalizing marijuana made a case against the current rules which they say are too harsh.

"It's a big step to not be afraid that they're going to go to jail for it. And it's also a big step for teenagers who live in the area – or young people – not having their lives ruined over a small amount of a plant," says Meredith Landerville.

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